Our company takes pride in offering personalized customization for sex dolls. You have the unique opportunity to provide real-life photos, body proportions, and character traits for our skilled clay sculptors to create a model with up to an 80% resemblance. Due to the intricate nature of custom dolls, detailed communication with our customer service is essential before proceeding. Following confirmation, a contract and disclaimer will be signed to formalize the process.

  1. Bilateral Negotiation

    Discuss the specific requirements for your custom doll and decide on its style. We can also use real hands and feet for mold creation. Authorize customization, sign the contract and disclaimer, and make an advance payment to begin.

  2. Prototype Confirmation

    Provide high-definition photographs from various angles to capture the precise facial expression desired for your doll.

  3. Mud Production

    Our artists will design and sculpt a prototype based on your specifications and photographs, ensuring your approval at every stage.

  4. Confirmation of Modification

    Review and confirm any modifications to the facial expressions using high-definition photos from different perspectives.

  5. Mould Making

    The approved clay model is used to create a durable mold for your custom doll.

  6. Final Confirmation

    Colors and makeup are applied to the finished product for a highly realistic appearance.

  7. Post-Production Details

    Head customizations typically take 30-60 days, with an additional 15 days for hair transplantation. Body customization follows a similar timeline.

  8. Product Delivery

    Upon completion and final payment, your custom sex doll will be delivered to you in perfect condition.

Our custom sex dolls are crafted to meet the unique preferences of our clients. Whether you desire a specific facial feature or overall appearance, we can create a one-of-a-kind doll based on your provided images and specifications. Customize everything from skin tone to the finest details, including nails, hairstyle, makeup, and even private parts, for a doll that is truly yours.